Rajdhani Vermicelli

There isn't one heaven, there are two. Nestled comfortably among the rich heritage, perfect rhythm of season, colorful festivals and different varieties of food... India, the fertile land of Ganga offers the best agro products. The land of ancient vedas and scripture where old traditions still hold good, where children still look forward to holidays with grandmothers, longing for delicious crisp paranthas along with famous old time fables. Lest we forget the traditions, Rajdhani brings to you a distinct quality of wheat flour made out of the choicest grains and processed in the state

The principal ingredients of Vermicelli are rice, flour and water. Sometimes even tapioca or corn starch is also added in them to improve on the transparency and increase the gelatinous and chewy texture of the noodles. In India we are the most reputed name in the field of Vermicelli manufacture. With our huge manufacturing unit and strict quality control measures we ensure that the best quality Vermicelli is produced which is not only high in taste and nutritional value but also extremely convenient for digestion.

Automated packing in safe and attractive pouches in highly controlled hygienic atmosphere guarantees a completely hygienic product which is best before twelve months from the date of packing.

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