Rajdhani Soy

There isn't one heaven, there are two. Nestled comfortably among the rich heritage, perfect rhythm of season, colorful festivals and different varieties of food... India, the fertile land of Ganga offers the best agro products. The land of ancient vedas and scripture where old traditions still hold good, where children still look forward to holidays with grandmothers, longing for delicious crisp paranthas along with famous old time fables. Lest we forget the traditions, Rajdhani brings to you a distinct quality of wheat flour made out of the choicest grains and processed in the state

The cancer fighting qualities are merely the most high profile benefits of consuming this “Textured Vegetable Protein”. Besides, Rajdhani Soy Nuggets helps in reducing the cholestrol levels in the blood, thereby reducing the threat of another killer disease, heart attack. They can also help in preventing diseases of the kidney besides treating them. Similarly, Soy protein may help in better Calcium utilization in order to ward off the agony of osteoporosis.

Exceptionally good quality of wheat is responsible for Rajdhani Atta becoming a household name. Latest machines and technology churn out Atta with a quality that can be rightly compared to ‘ghar ke pise gehu jaisa’. Rajdhani Atta is unique in that there is a good amount of bran that makes it fluffy in nature.Also, it is not mixed with maida which is a common practice followed in the industry.With Rajdhani Atta, you can be sure of absolute purity.

Several recent scientific studies have shown that regular intake of soy foods helps to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Apart from being a very good source of proteins and calcium, soy products are also a source of important minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and selenium.

Beyond contributing to human well being, Rajdhani Soy Nuggets enhances the taste in edibles. Thus, you can reinforce your health even as you relish delicacies such as frosty fruit shakes, creamy pastas & spicy curry.

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