Rajdhani Pulses

Talking about exporting pulses to other countries it would be worth noting that there are several private players in the market who export pulses to other countries but as far as the leading exporter of pulses from India is concerned this honor can only be bestowed on one organization and that is Rajdhani Group.

Our products hold lot of advantages over the other pulses providers:

Low Moisture: Our pulses have the minimum moisture content in the packets which ensure that you get the best pulses product in the market. (You don’t pay for water, you pay for the product).

Indian Origin: All our pulses are 100% Indian and natural. We never use or depend on any extra or foreign material to add flavor or color to our products.

Consistent Quality: Over the years we have managed to sustain and deliver a very high standard of agriculture products. We are determined towards maintaining these quality parameters for all our products.

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