Large scale Pulses Production in India

'Pulses' are the edible seeds of legumes, like lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas. Each of these pulse crops come in a wide range of colours and sizes. The name pulse is derived from the Latin puls meaning thick soup or potage.
Pulse crops are grown for food and feed the various countries around the world and do hold a significant cultural and historical importance. Many early civilizations developed around diets of pulses for protein, combined with a cereal crop to provide energy.
Pulses are annual leguminous crops yielding from one to twelve grains or seeds of variable size, shape and color within a pod. Pulses are the vital part of the Indian diet as they are very rich in proteins.
Pulses are 20 to 25% protein by weight, which is double the protein content of wheat and three times that of rice. For this reason, pulses are sometimes called "poor man’s meat".
India is the world's largest producer and consumer of pulses. Rajdhani group is one of the leading supplier and large scale pulses manufacturer in India. We have the reputation of being the best supplier and producer of pulses.
Eminence is at the forte of company's work processes and thus every activity is performed keeping quality in the mind.
The products are value checked right from start to the final stages as per the international standards. Rajdhani group aspires to achieve total customer satisfaction with a strong focus on delivery commitments and high product quality.
We at Rajdhani get hold of the best of pulses production India directly from the fields located in the areas where the pulses are grown. Thereafter these pulses are cleaned using numerous machines. All the processing is done in a clean, dust free and moisture free environment.
These pulses are then fumigated to free them of any kind of infestation in order to enhance their shelf life.
Packing is finally carried out using automatic FFS machines follows up by attractive consumer packaging. These pouches also have certain qualities to their credit. They are specially chosen food grade plastic that is moisture proof, insect resistant and high on strength. With its quality, Rajdhani group has made a name for itself.
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