Rajdhani Poha

Flattened or beaten rice, also popular as Poha, is one of the most popular crops of South Asia region. Easily digestable, it is hugely popular as snacks in a variety of Indian cuisines and is often consumed merely by adding water or milk with salt or sugar for taste. Prepared by frying in oil with nuts, raisins, cardamoms and other species, it is also consumed raw with jaggery in villages. It is this popularity of poha that inspired us to make available to people the best quality of this glorious crop.

The rice used for making poha at Rajdhani Group is procured from the best of places in the world. These are allowed entry into Rajdhani Group only after passing through the strictest quality measures laid down for the procurement of rice. This helps us in getting the best quality Poha which is then sent for packing. Here also it is ensured that the fragrance and aroma of poha is preserved even after packing. Finally the product comes out packed in attractive packages through the most modern machines.

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