Rajdhani Group History

Rajdhani Group’s flagship company Rajdhani Flour Mills was established in 1966 by Late Sh. S. L. Jain with a dream to make Rajdhani the most sought after brand in the country. It was his experience tinged with industry and politics in the pre and post independence era that made Rajdhani a premium brand in the agro product industry.

A great philanthropist, trader and industrialist, he was the president of a number of associations. He also had an active involvement in politics. His dream of making Rajdhani a premium brand in the agro-product industry has now been achieved by his sons Sh. D.K. Jain, Sh. S.K. Jain and Sh. R.K. Jain.

Sh. D.K. Jain

In 1965, after completing his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from the University of West Germany Sh. D.K. Jain took over the company's charge. Today, the head of the family, he is the key-person in the technological department, horticulture, indoor plants and the very lucrative sector –real estate. The need for constant technological improvement was accentuated by him and the installation of latest and advanced machinery and equipment by the group can be attributed to him and his high profile contacts overseas.

Sh. S.K. Jain

Merely at the age of 22 with a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry (Hons.) from Delhi University, Sh. S.K. Jain entered the Rajdhani Group confidently with high aspirations. His academic background has helped him gain responsibility for the factory management and quality control of the products. He was awarded the 'Udyog-Rattan' and 'Gold Star' awards by the Institute of Economic Studies. He is also the VicePresident of the All India Cold Storage Association andGeneral Secretary of the Dal and Besan Millers Association. At present, he holds the presidentship of C.E.T.P. and is an active member of Mahavir International (Apex) which is a partner in Rajdhani Charitable Eye and Medical Centre for which the building was donated by Rajdhani Flour Mills. The government liasioning for the group companies is taken care of by him along with the Besan division.

Sh. R.K. Jain

Apart from administration and production, finance and accounting is another very important pillar of a business establishment. It is this division that is taken care of diligently by Sh. R.K. Jain. A graduate in commerce from Delhi University he joined the Rajdhani Group in 1985. He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Expertise in the field of Fund Management and Cost Accounting made him an excellent industrialist. Legal and financial handling of group companies, exports, grocery items and organized retail come under his purview.

All in all, Sh. D.K. Jain, Sh. S.K. Jain and Sh. R.K. Jain are proudly carrying the flag of success with distinct professionalism.