Did you know that rice cures depression?

Rice has been the staple diet of traditional Indian culture from times immemorial. Thousands of Indian households prefer eating rice, especially in their lunch time. In states like West Bengal and Kerala, rice is even eaten for breakfast and dinner, along with the regular lunch dosage. It is also used to make different meals like biryani, pulao, khichdhi and supplemented with delicious vegetable curries and curd.

But most of us hardly know that rice actually cures depression. All we know is that it is rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Interestingly, medical therapists like Andrew Weil have validated that rice contains Tyrosine which is a good supplement for treating depression. It also contains less quantity of sodium is best for those suffering from anxiety, higher blood pressure and hypertension.

This is one of the sole reasons why rice is still an important aspect of medicinal holistic treatment by Ayurveda. Basically, Ayurvedic treatments help in restoring the balance between body, soul and the mind. The figuring out of rice in their natural prescriptions is due to its several medicinal benefits.

Along with it, rice water can also be used to cure skin ailments. The phenolic compounds present in the rice water are used to cure inflammations and skin infections. Natural and homemade remedies also propound the eating of rice for treating bowel movements, curing dysentery, heart diseases and even cancer.

Thus, do not refrain for embracing this essential cereal in your daily diet. After all, Rajdhani’s basmati rice with its pearly white grains is the best choice for today.